Leading Construction and EPC Contracting Company in Russia 

Current Openings

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Job Id Job Title Location Family Status Potential
ACI5762496 GTAW SS Russia
ACI5762497 Pipe Fitter Russia
ACI5762498 Gas Cutter Russia
ACI5762499 Foreman Russia
ACI6272677 Marble Mason Uzbekistan no
ACI6272678 Master Marble Mason Uzbekistan no
ACI6452695 Technologists Uzbekistan no
ACI6452696 Mechanics Uzbekistan no
ACI6492702 Design Engineer Uzbekistan no
ACI6602763 Process Engineer Uzbekistan no
ACI6602764 Mechanical Engineer Uzbekistan no
ACI6602765 Cathodic Protection Engineer Uzbekistan no
ACI6602766 Water Supply & Sewerage Engineer Uzbekistan no
ACI6602767 Heat Supply Engineer Uzbekistan no
ACI6602768 Pipeline Engineer Uzbekistan no
ACI6602826 Constuction Department Uzbekistan
ACI6602827 Architecture Department Uzbekistan
ACI6602828 Fire & Gas Department Uzbekistan
ACI6602829 HVAC Department Uzbekistan
ACI6602830 Equipment & Piping Installation Department Uzbekistan
ACI6602831 Electrical Department Uzbekistan
ACI6602832 Instrumentation Department Uzbekistan
ACI6602833 Plot Plan & Transport Department Uzbekistan
ACI6602834 Communication & Security System Department Uzbekistan
ACI6602835 Estimating Department Uzbekistan
ACI6602836 Management Team Department Uzbekistan
ACI6732838 Stress Analyst Uzbekistan
ACI6732839 Civil Structural Engineer Uzbekistan
ACI6842872 Mechanical (Package) Engineer Uzbekistan
ACI6842873 Piping Enigneer Uzbekistan
ACI6842874 Electrical Assigned Engineer Uzbekistan
ACI6842875 Instrument & Control Engineer Uzbekistan
ACI6842876 Civil & Structural Project Assist Engineer Uzbekistan
ACI6842877 Process Engineer Uzbekistan
ACI6842878 Mechanical Project Assist Engineer ( Rotating Part) Uzbekistan
ACI715 Administartive Dept - IDC Coordinator Russia
ACI71595 Administartive Dept - IDC Coordinator Russia
ACI71596 Administartive Dept - Subcontract Coordinator Russia
ACI71597 Administartive Dept - Engineering Technology Manager Russia
ACI71598 Administartive Dept - Engineering Manager Saudi Arabia
ACI71599 Technology Dept - Chief Specialist Russia
ACI71600 Technology Dept - Lead Specialist Russia
ACI71601 Technology Dept - First Specialist Russia
ACI71602 Mechanical Dept - Static Equipment Specialist Russia
ACI71603 Mechanical Dept - Rotating Equipment Specialist Russia
ACI71604 Construction Dept - Chief Specialist Russia
ACI71605 Construction Dept - Lead Specialist Russia
ACI71606 Construction Dept - First Specialist Russia
ACI71607 Architectural Dept - Chief Specialist Russia
ACI71608 Architectural Dept - Lead Specialist Russia
ACI71609 Architectural Dept - First Specialist Russia
ACI71610 Heating, Ventilation & AC Dept - Chief Specialist Russia
ACI71611 Heating, Ventilation & AC Dept - Lead Specialist Russia
ACI71612 Heating, Ventilation & AC Dept - First Specialist Russia
ACI71613 Electrical Dept - Chief Specialist Russia
ACI71614 Electrical Dept - Lead Specialist Russia
ACI71615 Electrical Dept - First Specialist Russia
ACI71616 Electrical Dept - 3D Designer Russia
ACI71617 Instrumentation Dept - Chief Specialist Russia
ACI71618 Instrumentation Dept - Lead Specialist Russia
ACI71619 Instrumentation Dept - First Specialist Russia
ACI71620 Instrumentation Dept - 3D Designer Russia
ACI71621 LC Systems & Security Dept - Chief Specialist Russia
ACI71622 LC Systems & Security Dept - Lead Specialist Russia
ACI71623 LC Systems & Security Dept - First Specialist Russia
ACI71624 LC Systems & Security Dept - 3D Designer Russia
ACI71625 Water Supply & Sewerage Dept - Chief Specialist Russia
ACI71626 Water Supply & Sewerage Dept - Lead Specialist Russia
ACI71627 Water Supply & Sewerage Dept - First Specialist Russia
ACI71628 Thermal Engg Dept - Chief Specialist Russia
ACI71629 Thermal Engg Dept - Lead Specialist Russia
ACI71630 Thermal Engg Dept - First Specialist Russia
ACI71631 Planning & Reporting Dept - Chief Specialist Russia
ACI71632 Planning & Reporting Dept - Lead Specialist Russia
ACI71633 Planning & Reporting Dept - First Specialist Russia


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Enclose the following with your application and send it through courier:

  • A4 Size Bio-Data in 2 sets mentioning Job Title and Reference Number on envelope / letter.
  • A detailed typed career history sheet giving complete details about your responsiblities adn job handled from day one to current date of employment. Copy of your degree certificates / post gradute / diploma or other educational certificates (if any).
  • Copies of experience certificates till date - India / Overseas.
  • Latest 2 passport sized coloured photographs.
  • Copies of passport.
  • Please mention job code in your application eg.. ACI/JDSA001/2017
  • Please mention your email address and mobile number (if any)
  • Please do not fold your applications.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered