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Job Id Job Title Location Family Status Potential
ACI4842125 SAP PI/PO (Core Banking) SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4842127 "SharePoint .Net Portal Angular JS Statpro (COTS) OpenText" SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4842128 Command Center (Monitoiring & ITIL Service Mgmt.) 04 SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4842130 Microsoft .NET/Ultimus engine SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4842131 Microsoft Sharepoint admin SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4842132 IBM Release Management SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4842134 Command Center SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4842135 Application Operation Level 2 Support (Java) SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4842136 Application Operation Level 2 Support (DevOps) SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4842137 Hardware Inventory & Software Lice. Mgmt. SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4842138 Service Desk Agent SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4842139 Senior Network Operations Engineer SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4842140 Infrastructure PMO SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4842141 Storage & Backup Administrator SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4882187 Reliability Engineer Jubail
ACI4882188 Critical Rotating Specialist Jubail
ACI4992199 Mobile Architect Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992200 Test Manager Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992201 Web Architect Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992202 Security SME Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992203 Application Operation Level 2 Support (DevOps) Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992204 IBM BPM/WAS Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992205 Infrastructure PMO Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992206 Performance Testing Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992207 Storage & Backup Administrator Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992208 IBM Datapower/ODM Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992209 Network security specialist Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992210 Unix Administrator Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992211 IBM Release Management Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992212 Temenos T24 Testing Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992213 ATM Test SME Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992214 MADA Tester 2 Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992215 MADA L3 Support SME 2 Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992216 MADA Support SME 10 Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992217 MW Support SME 9 Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992218 Security Testing 2 Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992219 Performance Testing 2 Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992220 ST Test SME 5 Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992221 Automation Test Lead Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992222 Automation Test SME 5 Saudi Arabia no
ACI4992223 Simulation Test SME 3 Saudi Arabia no
ACI5022226 Scaffolding SME Riyadh no
ACI5062244 Hardware Inventory & Software Lice. Mgmt. Riyadh no
ACI5062243 ATM Test SME Riyadh no
ACI5062242 Unix Administrator Riyadh no
ACI5062241 IBM Release Management Riyadh no
ACI5062240 IBM Datapower/ODM Riyadh no
ACI5062239 Web Architect Riyadh no
ACI5062238 Test Manager Riyadh no
ACI5062237 Storage & Backup Administrator Riyadh no
ACI5062236 Network security specialist Riyadh no
ACI5062235 Mobile Architect Riyadh no
ACI5062234 IBM BPM/WAS Riyadh no
ACI5062233 Command Center & Event Management Riyadh no
ACI5062232 Security SME Riyadh no
ACI5072246 Sr. Maintenance Engineer, Mechanical Riyadh no
ACI5072245 Sr. Maintenance Engineer, Instrument Riyadh no
ACI5282315 Shiping Helper Saudi Arabia
ACI5332337 Sr. Maintenance Engineer Mechanical Dammam no
ACI5332338 Sr. Maintenance Engineer Instrument Dammam no
ACI5332339 PPM Coordinator Dammam no
ACI5332340 Maintenance Planning Engineer Dammam no
ACI5332341 Maintenance Turnaround Coordinator Dammam no
ACI5332342 Scaffolder coordinator Dammam no
ACI5342343 Internal Control Manager Jazan no
ACI5342344 Emergency Response Specialist Jazan no
ACI5482389 Sr. Maintenance Engineer, Mechanical Saudi Arabia no
ACI5482390 Instrumentation Engineer Saudi Arabia no
ACI5512398 Scaffolding SME Saudi Arabia no
ACI5602437 Control Room Operator Jizan no
ACI5602438 Shift Supervisor Jizan no
ACI5602439 Shift Superintendent Jizan no
ACI5632454 Admin Assistant Jubail no
ACI5642455 Sr Engineer Mechanical Saudi Arabia
ACI5692469 Sr. Maintenance Engineer, Mechanical Saudi Arabia no
ACI5712471 Welder / Trainer Jubail no
ACI5712472 Rigger Jubail no
ACI5712473 Crane Operator Jubail no
ACI5712474 Fabricator / Pipe Fitter Jubail no
ACI5712475 Electrical Technician Jubail no
ACI5792502 HVAC QC Inspector Saudi Arabia
ACI5812504 Millwright Technician Saudi Arabia no
ACI5822505 QA Assistant Saudi Arabia no
ACI5822506 HR Assistant Saudi Arabia no
ACI5832507 PPM Coordinator Saudi Arabia no
ACI5842508 Maintenance Planning Engineer Saudi Arabia no
ACI5852509 Mechanical Estimator Saudi Arabia no
ACI5852510 Electrical & Instrumentation Estimator Saudi Arabia no
ACI5852511 Quantity Surveyor - Mechanical / Civil Saudi Arabia no
ACI5872520 Reliability Startegy Coordinator Saudi Arabia no
ACI5872521 Reliability Engineer Saudi Arabia no
ACI5872522 Reliability Documents Administrator Saudi Arabia no
ACI5882523 Light Driver Saudi Arabia no
ACI5442372 Process safety engineer Jazan no
ACI5442373 EHS delivery leader Jazan no
ACI5442374 Emergency Response Coordinator Jazan no
ACI5442368 Treasury Manager Jazan no
ACI5442369 Internal Control Manager Jazan no
ACI5442370 Cyber Security & Risk Manager Jazan no
ACI5442371 IT Service Delivery Lead/Manager Jazan no
ACI5442375 Control Room Operator Jazan
ACI5442376 Shift Superintendent Jazan no
ACI5442377 Field Operator Jazan no
ACI4852142 Contract & Services Coordinator SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852143 Contract Engineer- Turnaround SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852144 Critical Reliability and Equipment Engineer- Reliability SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852145 Critical Reliability and Equipment specialist- Reliability SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852146 Document Controller SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852147 E&I Planning Engineer SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852148 Electrical Planner SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852149 Instrument Planner SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852150 Material Coordinator SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852151 Material Engineer SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852152 Mechanical Planner (static) SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852153 Reliability Engineer- Reliability SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852154 Rigging Engineer SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852155 Scheduler SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852156 Sourcing/ Procurement Specialist SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852157 Sr. Maintenance Engineer- Instrument- (Chemical Maintenance) SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852158 Sr. Maintenance Engineer- Instrument- (HC & E Maintenance) SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852159 Sr. Maintenance Engineer- Mechanical- (HC & E Maintenance) SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852160 Sr. Maintenance Engineer- Mechanical- (ISO Maintenance) SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852161 QA/QC Coordinator SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852162 Badging & Security Coordinator SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852163 Rotary Coordinator SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852164 TA Coordinator SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852165 Execution Leader SAUDI ARABIA
ACI4852166 Turnaround insulation cordinator SAUDI ARABIA


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Enclose the following with your application and send it through courier:

  • A4 Size Bio-Data in 2 sets mentioning Job Title and Reference Number on envelope / letter.
  • A detailed typed career history sheet giving complete details about your responsiblities adn job handled from day one to current date of employment. Copy of your degree certificates / post gradute / diploma or other educational certificates (if any).
  • Copies of experience certificates till date - India / Overseas.
  • Latest 2 passport sized coloured photographs.
  • Copies of passport.
  • Please mention job code in your application eg.. ACI/JDSA001/2017
  • Please mention your email address and mobile number (if any)
  • Please do not fold your applications.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered