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Job Id Job Title Location Family Status Potential
ACI6956 Process Engineer / Specialist KSA
ACI6957 System Engineer KSA
ACI6958 Workshop Manager KSA
ACI6959 Material Technician KSA
ACI69510 Asset Engineer KSA
ACI69511 Technical Trainer / Analyst KSA
ACI69512 Operation Manager KSA
ACI69513 Planner KSA
ACI69514 Document Controller KSA
ACI69515 Control Room Oper (DCS Operator) KSA
ACI69516 Operation Supervisor KSA
ACI69517 Shift Supervisor KSA
ACI69518 Plant Operator (Field) KSA
ACI69519 Utility Operator KSA
ACI69520 Conveyor Operator KSA
ACI69521 over head crane Operator KSA
ACI69522 Fire watch KSA
ACI69523 Crane Operators KSA
ACI69524 Forklift Operator KSA
ACI69525 Heavy Driver KSA
ACI69526 Maintenance Manager KSA
ACI69527 Planner KSA
ACI69528 Electrical Engineer KSA
ACI69529 Mechanical Maintenance Engineer KSA
ACI69530 Secretary/Admin Asst KSA
ACI69531 Mechnical Supervisor KSA
ACI69532 E&I supervisor KSA
ACI69533 Mechnical Technican/ Rotating Tech KSA
ACI69534 Electrical Technician KSA
ACI69535 Instrument Technician KSA
ACI69536 HVAC Technican KSA
ACI69537 NDT Technican KSA
ACI69538 Valve Technican KSA
ACI69539 Hydrojet Technician KSA
ACI69540 Mechanical Fitter KSA
ACI69541 Pipe Fitter KSA
ACI69542 Skill Labor KSA
ACI69543 Workshop Incharge KSA
ACI69544 Heavy Equipment Supervisor KSA
ACI69545 Secretary KSA
ACI69546 Conveyor Belt Technician KSA
ACI69547 Fabricator KSA
ACI69548 Welder 3G & 6G/ SS KSA
ACI69549 Fabrication Inspector KSA
ACI69550 Machinist/Miller KSA
ACI69551 Crane Operators KSA
ACI69552 Drivers KSA
ACI69553 Rigger-II KSA
ACI69554 Store Keeper KSA
ACI69555 Auto Electrican KSA
ACI69556 Mechnic (crane & equipment) KSA
ACI69557 EHSS Manager KSA
ACI69558 Secretary KSA
ACI69559 Safety Inspectors KSA
ACI69560 EHSS Trainer KSA
ACI716134 Recruiter Saudi Arabia
ACI716135 Mobilization Coordinator Saudi Arabia
ACI7258 Operations Co-Ordinator Saudi Arabia
ACI7301 Inspection Engineer - Reliability Saudi Arabia
ACI7302 RBI Engineer - Reliability Saudi Arabia
ACI7303 RCM Engineer - Reliability Saudi Arabia
ACI7304 Electrical Engineer - E&I Saudi Arabia
ACI7305 Instrumentation Engineer Saudi Arabia
ACI7401 Process Engineer Saudi Arabia No
ACI7541 Coatings Technician KSA NO
ACI7542 Machine Operator KSA NO
ACI7543 Machinist - HVOF / Machine Operator KSA NO
ACI7544 QC Inspector - Coating KSA NO
ACI7545 QC Inspector - Mechanical KSA NO
ACI7546 Welder KSA NO
ACI7547 CNC Lathe KSA NO
ACI7548 CNC Turning\Milling KSA NO
ACI7549 Heat treat Operator KSA NO
ACI75410 Assembly KSA NO
ACI75411 QA/QC inspector KSA NO
ACI75412 NDT inspector KSA NO
ACI75413 Manufacturing Engineer KSA NO
ACI75414 Inventory coordinator KSA NO
ACI75415 QA/QC inspector KSA NO
ACI75416 Maintenance Mechanical/Electrical KSA NO
ACI75417 CNC Operator KSA NO
ACI75418 Maintenance Machines Programmer KSA NO
ACI7591 Mechanical Engineer Saudi Arabia no
ACI7592 Maintainace & T&I Planner Saudi Arabia no
ACI7593 E&I Planner Saudi Arabia no
ACI7594 Material Planner Saudi Arabia no
ACI7595 QA/QC Engineer Saudi Arabia no
ACI7596 Welding Inspector Saudi Arabia no
ACI7597 Mechanical supervisor Saudi Arabia no
ACI7598 E&I supervisor Saudi Arabia no
ACI7599 E&I Technician Saudi Arabia no
ACI75910 Millright technician Saudi Arabia no
ACI75911 Millright forman Saudi Arabia no
ACI75912 Material coordinator Saudi Arabia no
ACI75913 Mechanical PSV technician Saudi Arabia no
ACI75914 Safety Lead Saudi Arabia no
ACI75915 Safety Officer Saudi Arabia no
ACI75916 Mechanical technician Saudi Arabia no
ACI75917 Pipe Fitter Saudi Arabia no
ACI75918 Mechanical Fitter Saudi Arabia no
ACI75919 Fabricator Saudi Arabia no
ACI75920 Welder CS &SS Saudi Arabia no
ACI75921 WPR(Work permit receiver) Saudi Arabia no
ACI75922 Firewatch/standby man/Flagman Saudi Arabia no
ACI75923 Site Co-ordinator Saudi Arabia no
ACI75924 Mechanical/Machinist Saudi Arabia no
ACI75925 Rigger Level 3 Certified Saudi Arabia no
ACI75926 Document controller Saudi Arabia no
ACI7671 Technical Recruiter KSA NO
ACI75927 Electrical Technician KSA NO
ACI75928 Instrument Technician KSA NO
ACI8401 Sales Engineer KSA no
ACI8402 Technical Support Engineer KSA no
ACI8403 Strategic Planning Engineer KSA no
ACI8291 Payroll Coordinator KSA no
ACI8292 Accountant KSA no
ACI8261 Decoration carpenter KSA
ACI8262 AC Technician KSA
ACI8263 Plumber KSA
ACI8264 Electrical Technician KSA
Electrical Maintenance Technician
0906201 Electrical Maintenance Technician SAUDI ARABIA
Mechanical Maintenance Technician
0906202 Mechanical Maintenance Technician SAUDI ARABIA
Mine Operations
ACI5492391 Surveyor Saudi Arabia no
ACI5492392 Senior Surveyor Saudi Arabia no
Operator, CHT
0906203 Operator, CHT SAUDI ARABIA
Petrol Station
ACI5622446 Service Manager Saudi Arabia no
ACI5622447 Assistant Service Manager Saudi Arabia no
ACI5622448 Fuel Pump Attendant Saudi Arabia no
ACI5622449 Barista Saudi Arabia no
ACI5622450 Baker Saudi Arabia no
ACI5622451 Store Attendant Saudi Arabia no
ACI5622452 Cashier Saudi Arabia no


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Enclose the following with your application and send it through courier:

  • A4 Size Bio-Data in 2 sets mentioning Job Title and Reference Number on envelope / letter.
  • A detailed typed career history sheet giving complete details about your responsiblities adn job handled from day one to current date of employment. Copy of your degree certificates / post gradute / diploma or other educational certificates (if any).
  • Copies of experience certificates till date - India / Overseas.
  • Latest 2 passport sized coloured photographs.
  • Copies of passport.
  • Please mention job code in your application eg.. ACI/JDSA001/2017
  • Please mention your email address and mobile number (if any)
  • Please do not fold your applications.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered