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Job Id Job Title Location Family Status Potential
ACI5122252 Machine Operator UAE no
ACI5122253 Mechanic UAE no
ACI5122254 Electrician UAE no
ACI5122255 Lathe Technician UAE no
ACI5522399 Manager - Production UAE no
ACI5522400 Section Head - Produtcion UAE
ACI5522401 Engineer - Production UAE
ACI5522402 Supervisor - Production UAE
ACI5522403 Manager - QC UAE
ACI5522404 Engineer - QC UAE
ACI5522405 Supervisor - QC UAE
ACI5522406 Inspector - QC UAE
ACI5522407 Maintenance (Electrical & Mechanical) - Supervisor UAE
ACI5522408 Maintenance (Electrical & Mechanical) - Mechanic UAE
ACI5522409 Maintenance (Electrical & Mechanical) - Electrician UAE
ACI5522410 Store Supervisor UAE
ACI5522411 Storekeeper UAE
ACI5522412 Store labor UAE
ACI5522413 Planning Engineer UAE
ACI5522414 Technical - Section Head UAE
ACI5522415 Technical - Engineer UAE
ACI719144 Coiling Operator UAE
ACI7681 Production Planning Engineer UAE NO
ACI8231 QC Inspector Dubai no
2306001 Machine Operator (Insulation Operator, Drum Twister) UAE
2306002 Assistant Planner UAE
ACI5362347 RAX Operator - Insulation UAE no
ACI5362348 MAF Operator - Sheathing UAE no
ACI5362349 DT 2000 Operator - Armouring UAE no
ACI5362350 DT 2000 Helper - Armouring UAE no
ACI5362351 MWD, RBW Operator - Drawing UAE no
ACI5362352 MTO 1600 Operator - Assembly UAE no
ACI5362353 SKT-240, PS-600 Operaotr - Coiling UAE no
Thermo Cable or KEI
ACI5412363 Technical Manager UAE no


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Enclose the following with your application and send it through courier:

  • A4 Size Bio-Data in 2 sets mentioning Job Title and Reference Number on envelope / letter.
  • A detailed typed career history sheet giving complete details about your responsiblities adn job handled from day one to current date of employment. Copy of your degree certificates / post gradute / diploma or other educational certificates (if any).
  • Copies of experience certificates till date - India / Overseas.
  • Latest 2 passport sized coloured photographs.
  • Copies of passport.
  • Please mention job code in your application eg.. ACI/JDSA001/2017
  • Please mention your email address and mobile number (if any)
  • Please do not fold your applications.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered