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Job Id Job Title Location Family Status Potential
ACI5382355 Electrician Oman no
ACI5382356 Plumber Oman no
ACI5382357 Carpenter Oman no
ACI5382358 Welder Oman no
ACI5382359 Mason Oman no
ACI6262676 Gardener Oman no
Cardiac Catheterization
ACI5582428 Consultant - Medicine - Cardiac Catheterization Oman no
ACI5582429 Specialist - Medicine - Cardiac Catheterization Oman no
ACI5582431 Technician - Medicine - Cardiac Catheterization Oman no
ACI5582432 Consultant - Medicine - Dialysis Oman no
ACI5582433 Specialist - Medicine - Dialysis Oman no
Ministry Healthcare
ACI5162271 Medical Officer - Medicine Oman no
ACI5162270 Medical Officer - Anaesthesia Oman no
ACI5162269 Specialist - Medicine Oman no
ACI5162268 Specialist - Anaesthesia Oman no
ACI5162267 Radiographer Oman no
ACI5162265 Specialist - Ob Gynecologist Oman no
ACI5162264 Medical Officer - General Practitioner Oman no
ACI5162263 Medical Officer - Ob Gynecologist Oman no
ACI5502393 Consultant Grade 2 - Radiotherapy Oman
ACI5502394 Senior Specialist - Orthodontics Oman
ACI5502395 Senior Specialist - Paediatrics Dental Surgery Oman
ACI5502396 Specialist - Radiotherapy Oman
ACI5502397 Specialist - Paediatrics Dental Surgery Oman
ACI5942544 Consultant Grade 2 - Ob & Gynac Oman
ACI5942545 Consultant Grade 2 - Medicine Oman
ACI5942546 Consultant Grade 2 - Cardiology Oman
ACI5942547 Consultant Grade 2 - Anesthesia Oman
ACI5942548 Senior Specialist Grade 3 - Ob & Gynac Oman
ACI5942549 Senior Specialist Grade 3 - Cardiology Oman
ACI5942550 Specialist Grade 6 - Ob & Gynac Oman
ACI5942551 Specialist Grade 6 - Medicine Oman
ACI5942552 Specialist Grade 6 - Cardiology Oman
ACI5942553 Specialist Grade 6 - Anesthesia Oman
ACI5942554 Specialist Grade 6 - Nephrology Oman
ACI5942555 Medical Officer - Medicine Oman
ACI5942556 Medical Officer - Cardiology Oman
ACI5942557 Medical Officer - Anesthesia Oman
ACI5942558 Medical Officer - Nephrology Oman


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Enclose the following with your application and send it through courier:

  • A4 Size Bio-Data in 2 sets mentioning Job Title and Reference Number on envelope / letter.
  • A detailed typed career history sheet giving complete details about your responsiblities adn job handled from day one to current date of employment. Copy of your degree certificates / post gradute / diploma or other educational certificates (if any).
  • Copies of experience certificates till date - India / Overseas.
  • Latest 2 passport sized coloured photographs.
  • Copies of passport.
  • Please mention job code in your application eg.. ACI/JDSA001/2017
  • Please mention your email address and mobile number (if any)
  • Please do not fold your applications.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered