Mohammed Arif Gulamali

About the Founder

Agha Caravan International - Mohammed Arif Gulamali

I entered the industry with an ambition to cater the human resource requirements across the globe; my core aim was to provide personnel solutions to organizations by placing the right person at the right job on the right time and place. Nevertheless, progressively I became acclimatize at providing quality services to client organization. Moreover, to meet the client expectations excellently is the key of success to our business. My experience of 23 years in this human resource domain with one of the leading consultancy of India has motivated me to come up with Agha Caravan International human resource consultants (ACI)to cater the organizations in the Middle East specializing majorly in the industries of oil and gas, construction (high rise building), hospitality, medical, mining, Aramco contractors, defence, ministries, airports and sea ports.

Considering this, I am committed at maximizing client satisfaction through value-added services in a cost effective manner. I also emphasize on constant advancements as this paves the way for future success. I encourage learning and development environment in my organization that leads employees to always be updated with the current market trends and organizational requirements leading towards innovative ideas.

To satisfy the client profitably has always been at the centre of our heart and our core team of talented and four decades long experienced technical consultants in our organization take the lineage ahead that differentiates us from others as we look forward for client satisfaction with excellence and customization. Nurturing decade old ties as well as maintaining and taking forward the new ones, have always been the norms of Agha Caravan International Human resource consultants.

To provide the client with the suitable candidates and in a professional manner is our core capability wherein, to maintain a long term relationship with our clients overseas is an integral part of our organization embedded within irrespective of the size or location.