Our Team

We specialize in offering all the personalized service that you would expect from your own privately owned operation. All operations are carried out under the guidance of our proprietor who provides a strategic direction to the team as well as the organization. Our panel of experienced proficient comprises of recruitment professionals, human resource professionals, technical experts, project coordinators, seasoned interviewers as well as industry professionals this give us a fine edge over other consultancies as these are involved throughout the entire process of recruitment tailored to the needs of employer's organization.

Mohammed Arif strongly believes that teamwork is the key to success and that mutual understanding coupled with professional networking, personal edge and effective communication makes a business successful. For the MD, representing an organization is just apart of the whole process of becoming the face of an organization. He asserts that with staff support and exchange of ideas between employer and employees the culture at the office becomes lively and active as well as employees work towards achieving organizational goals and objectives.

The recruitment operations team consists of personnel from the following departments:

  • Technical Consultants &Sourcing Department
  • HR & Mobilization Department
  • Visa Processing Department
  • Immigration Department
  • Ticketing & Travel Department
  • IT Department